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Me and the Alexander Technique

July 31, 2011

Use to find a local teacher and go to a few lessons to see what you think. Mine were £24 for 45mins. Lessons are one to one. My teacher said she did group classes but it was only for people who couldn’t afford proper lessons and they’re nowhere near as effective. The whole lesson […]

Trying to explain to an IT-illiterate why Outlook’s emoticons don’t travel well

July 30, 2011

It’s to do with character sets. Computers work in numbers not letters. So to a computer, A might be stored as 65, B as 66, C as 67 and so on. So a computer could store HELLO as 71 69 76 76 79. And the people who design computers decide that the characters needed by […]

How to send a web page to someone else

July 28, 2011

1. Go to the page you want me to see. 2. Highlight everything in the address bar. (The address bar is the wide horizontal box at the top of the screen with the address of the web page in it. It probably contains something like 3. Copy the address by pressing Ctrl+C or by […]

Effective terrorism

July 27, 2011

From 2008: Often when I see something being done badly I have an overwhelming urge to show how to do it properly, or at least explain how it should be done. Anyway, you know how we’re regularly reassured that evil Islamists are plotting to murder every one of us? Either this is a lie or […]

Why I wish Danny Baker was still presenting 606

July 27, 2011

From 2008: Danny Baker is doing 606 on Tuesdays. He’s way better than all the other presenters because his priority is to make the programme fun, rather than to talk about the football that’s just been played. Chelsea lost 3-1 to Roma and Liverpool drew 1-1 at home with Atletico Madrid and neither he nor […]

Me and Caspian Pizza

July 27, 2011

From 2008: The pizza episode is painful to recall. When I called them initially they were very nice and I mentioned the two hop warehouses issue, which they said they’d pass on to the delivery driver. At 10, 15 mins after they said it’d be here, I phoned and they said they were sorry but […]

Me and the Institute of Advanced Motorists

July 27, 2011

Written in 2008: I’m an Associate Member. I joined a couple of weeks ago and have yet to even get in a car with anyone from the IAM. I’d been meaning to join since I passed my test in 2001 but didn’t do anything about it until I saw the IAM stand at the “Worcester […]

Backing up a WordPress site

July 25, 2011

As far as I know (I’m a WordPress amateur), the most important parts of a WordPress site to back up are the database and the theme. On most sites posts will be added much more often then the theme updated. Regular database backups are important to ensure that minimal content is lost in the case […]

Making a multilingual WordPress site

July 25, 2011

I’m trying qTranslate. Seem simple to use, albeit you probably need to be a programmer to be able to add and edit the available languages. I shall update this post with any problems I find.

jak zyc z kobieta pod jednym dachem i po miesiacu sie nie spakowacjak zyc z kobieta pod jednym dachem i po miesiacu sie nie spakowac

July 25, 2011

27 lat, to juz chyba wystarczajacy wiek, aby moc sie wypowiedziec na dany temat.Odwieczny dylemat jak zrozumiec kobiete mimo uplywu lat nie traci na aktualnosci. Ten post, to dla Was Panowie, kilka prostych rad, zaczerpnietych u samego zrodla-czyli kobiety. 🙂 Jest tak, poznajemy sie, etap oko-oko, reka-reka, ramie-ramie, biodro-biodro, usta-usta mamy juz za soba, po […]