Effective terrorism

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From 2008:

Often when I see something being done badly I have an overwhelming urge to show how to do it properly, or at least explain how it should be done.

Anyway, you know how we’re regularly reassured that evil Islamists are plotting to murder every one of us? Either this is a lie or the terrorists are very very stupid, because I think their job is easier than they’re making it.

For example, I honestly don’t think it would be difficult for people with sufficient motivation (like those in Mumbai) to kill a hundred Saturday shoppers in Worcester. All it would take is two or three suicidal guys with automatic rifles, plenty of ammunition and a familiarity with the layout of the streets and shops. Armed police might take only five or ten minutes to arrive but by that time you could have killed fifty people in the High Street and then trapped a hundred more in M&S. You might even be able to escape through that overhead supply bridge that joins M&S to Friar Street.

Martyrdom videos usually explain that the intended victims are not innocent because it is they that allow their governments to perpetrate crimes against Islam and Muslims. While the populations of Western countries do exert an enormous influence over the actions of their governments, I don’t think the terrorists understand how our society works at all. They seem to think that the best strategy is a blitzkrieg against iconic targets and goverment buildings, as if this will cause significant policy changes or a collapse in society. It won’t, because to most people the terrorist attacks so far are experienced only through the media and with little, if any, actual effect on their daily lives. I can’t think of any demands for changes to the law by the population at large as a result of terrorist attacks. Many of the changes that have been suggested by the government in response to terrorism actually seem to have been opposed by the majority of people.

Sooner or later Al Qaeda will understand how democracy really works. They’ll stop devising crazy plans to blow up planes with bombs hidden in shoes (really, now) and realise that truely to scare the average Westerner they need to end their obession with long-distance flights, very tall buildings and luxery hotels, because most people rarely go near them. Instead they will start attacking average people doing average things in average places and where security is low. When they do that, they will change how we live.

(The Washington sniper episode would be a good lesson for future terrorists. Two men terrified thousands of people for three weeks using nothing more than a gun and a car.)

So my idea is a website that allows people to collaborate to plan terror plots openly. The aim wouldn’t be to help the terrorists to kill people, rather to help plan our defence against them. Eventually they will work it out and we have to be ready!

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