How to send a web page to someone else

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1. Go to the page you want me to see.

2. Highlight everything in the address bar. (The address bar is the wide horizontal box at the top of the screen with the address of the web page in it. It probably contains something like

3. Copy the address by pressing Ctrl+C or by right clicking on the highlighted address and selecting Copy.

4. Paste the address into an email to me by pressing Ctrl+V or by right clicking in the email and selecting Paste.

This is a really really good way to share web pages with other people. It works with every web page and you can send links to anyone who has an email address.

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  1. Tomasz August 2, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    “It works with every web page” ?
    it don’t work with flash pages.
    In php we can hide url address in browser and then the url look like:
    but real page that we see have address e.g.
    and the first address may point to different page than second address.
    The most of language to write pages have a function to hiding url address so your advice is not good for all case.
    Sometimes better way is back one page erlier and right click on the link and choice “coppy url address” and paste to the email or communicator.

    (sorry for my english 🙂

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