Ideas for posts

By  | July 25, 2011 | Filed under: Meta

Keep a list of your own post ideas. Whenever you can’t think what to write, use an idea from your list.
Some basic ideas:
  • Anything creative
  • How to do things
  • How other people should do things
  • How to live in the UK
  • How to cope with English people
  • How to do basic things in the UK (buying a car, go to doctor)
  • Noteworthy aspects of the English language (confusing/dangerous/cool words)
  • Where to buy things (which shops)
  • What to visit in the UK, Poland, other countries
  • Cooking
  • Reviews of things and places
  • Programming and software development
  • If you learn how to do something today then write about it so someone else can learn
  • If you explain to someone else how to do something then write about it
  • How to look for a job
  • If you ever write an email and think it would be useful or entertaining to more people than just the intended recipient then add it as a post
  • Opinion
  • Commentary on some event
  • List the software you use, with links and notes
  • Review airports

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