Me and Caspian Pizza

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From 2008:

The pizza episode is painful to recall. When I called them initially they were very nice and I mentioned the two hop warehouses issue, which they said they’d pass on to the delivery driver. At 10, 15 mins after they said it’d be here, I phoned and they said they were sorry but very busy and it’d be along in 5 minutes. With hindsight I should have cancelled it at that point and had toast and marmite or something (had virtually no food!) At 10:15 I phoned again and they said the driver had been and I hadn’t answered my phone. However, my phone was on and I hadn’t had a call. They said they’d come back straight away and would arrive in 10 minutes. I really should have cancelled it then but my stomach was practically eating itself and I had no reason to disbelieve them. At 10:30 I called them again and said if it wasn’t there in a minute I’d cancel. They phoned the driver who said he was outside. I went downstairs and of course he wasn’t, he was at the other hop warehouse. It took them 5 minutes (with me on the phone and becoming cold) for them to get the driver to our building. When he arrived he had a go at me for not answering my phone the first time he allegedly came. I was tired and argued and ultimately told him I’d only pay £4 (half price) or he could take the pizzas back with him. He said “We’re Caspian Pizzas, we throw away pizzas all night mate, two more won’t make a difference” (that’s practically word for word!). I told him to get lost and at 10:45 came back upstairs.

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