Me and the Alexander Technique

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Use to find a local teacher and go to a few lessons to see what you think. Mine were £24 for 45mins.

Lessons are one to one. My teacher said she did group classes but it was only for people who couldn’t afford proper lessons and they’re nowhere near as effective. The whole lesson is spent with the teacher manipulating you.

At the end of each lesson you should feel different! After a few weeks, after I left each lesson I felt like I had a new body. It was worth spending the money just to get that feeling. (Plus my teacher and I used to chat about The West Wing and Aimee Mann.)

My sister had a lesson when she was having some problems and at the end she felt worse! However, this happened to me after some weeks – each week your body destresses a bit and some weeks this causes a discomfort.

The lessons are only part, you have to do a lot yourself. At the time I was so concerned about my symptoms that I did it all properly and it was very effective.

You have to spend ~20mins a day lying on the floor in semi-supine position. This feels wonderful and you get up feeling like you just awoke. All day every day you give your body mental directions. The point is never to actually _do_ anything – you just tell your body to change. This is unbelievably effective. (And I am a very cynical person!)

The best thing is that, should I have future problems I know what to do to address them myself. I wouldn’t necessarily need lessons.

Basically, I cannot recommend it enough.

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