Me and the Institute of Advanced Motorists

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Written in 2008:

I’m an Associate Member. I joined a couple of weeks ago and have yet to even get in a car with anyone from the IAM.

I’d been meaning to join since I passed my test in 2001 but didn’t do anything about it until I saw the IAM stand at the “Worcester Motor Show” (the show consisted of about three car dealers with their cars in the High Street). They were doing a £10 discount so I paid £89 for a year which covers as many sessions as are needed to pass the test. So far I have a nice book (which mentions that about 80% of people think they are above average drivers) and the promise that they’ll fit me in for observation sessions as soon as they can. (They claim to be a bit overloaded due to the show.)

They say they do 90 minutes observation sessions with you once a week. This is where you drive in your own car and someone who’s been trained to Police standard makes suggestions. When they think you’re ready for the test an actual Police driver does one session with you and if they agree then you take the test. Apparently everyone passes since they don’t let you do it until you’re certain to succeed.

Now I know the last sentence to be false.

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