Downloading films and TV programmes to DVD

By  | August 31, 2011 | Filed under: Miscellaneous

  1. Use uTorrent, or another BitTorrent client, to download what you want to watch. (It must be an AVI file encoded in Xvid or DivX.)
  2. Download VSO DivxToDVD from here and install it.
  3. Run it and select the AVI file as the Source File. Leave all other options unchanged and click Convert. (More comprehensive instructions for using DivxToDVD are here but only read them if something doesn’t work.)
  4. Wait. The conversion process will take about half the duration of the film/programme.
  5. Download CDBurnerXP Pro from here and install it. (The link points to version 3. I haven’t tested the latest version.)
  6. Run it and choose the first option, to create a DVD. In the top pane, navigate to the DivXToDVD destination folder and drag VIDEO_TS to the right part of the bottom pane.
  7. Go to the Disc menu and select Write Disc. The default options are fine so click Write Disc.
  8. When the disc has been written, try it in a DVD player.

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