How to choose a laptop

By  | August 4, 2011 | Filed under: Miscellaneous

If I were you then I would decide on budget and screen size and then go to and and the Dixons refurbished site and find all laptops that fit the following criteria:

– Made by Asus or Toshiba
– Your chosen screensize
– Within your chosen budget
– At least 2GB RAM
– Windows 7 Home Premium
– Webcam
– In stock now
– At least 12 months warranty. (12 months is standard for new laptops but Asus sometimes do more and refurbished machines are often less. Never accept less than 12 months.)

You’ll probably get about 30 laptops.

Rank them by price and then go to and find the “Passmark CPU Mark” for each laptop.

You should then have a list that looks something like

New, £400, 4GB, CPU = 2250
New, £375, 4GB, CPU = 1750
New, £350, 3GB, CPU = 1900
Refurb, £325, 2GB, CPU = 1550
and so on

And then you can choose sensibly.

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