Visiting a doctor in the UK

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Go here to find a doctor:

I don’t remember what ID you need to take; I would take all ID cards and proof of home address and of where you work. I’m sure you don’t need all this but best to be safe.

When you get there you’ll have to fill in a form giving medical history and saying how much you drink, etc.

If you want to see a doctor at the same time then best to phone before you go cos most places need you to make an appointment. If you give them no warning then you might have to wait for a few hours until they can see you.

If it’s like my doctors’ then you can only ever make an appointment for the half of the day that you’re in. So if it’s 9am then you can make an appointment for that morning only. You can make an appointment for the afternoon only by calling that afternoon. You can never make an appointment for the next day. It’s a pretty crazy system.

You don’t pay to see the doctor. Thee doctor will give you a prescription. You take this to a pharmacy. Most doctor surgeries have a pharmacy very nearby.

The pharmacy should be able to make up the prescription within half an hour. Prescriptions have a standard cost of £7.20. See

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