Affairs with Au Pairs

By  | September 4, 2011 | Filed under: Poetry

It’s OK to smile at ladies at night
and the girl in the shoe shop is probably alright
if nobody cares you can take them upstairs
but don’t have affairs with Au Pairs

That young man each morning who delivers the post
or the boy in the tea shop who brings you your toast
It’s risky for sure but not all it appears
so don’t have affairs with Au Pairs

Then there’s the lady that you pass in the street
and the girl in the kiosk who looks rather sweet
people get away with it sometimes for years
but one always gets caught by affairs with Au Pairs

Next time that girl enters your office in her high powered suit
if she’s made up and perfumed and thinks she looks cute
don’t give in to temptation or it will all end in tears
if you decide to have affairs with Au Pairs

If the Au Pair comes into your room in her neglige
and by pure chance your wife is away for the day
take a deep breath and turn her away
tell her you never have affairs with Au Pairs.



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