By  | September 17, 2011 | Filed under: Poetry

I came into the room and you were there
and all I could do was stand and stare
until you turned and looked at me
I thought right then I’d never be
free of the memories good and bad
of the unique togetherness we always had
I turned and walked away again
went outside into the rain
pain and confusion had enveloped me
no future without you that I could see.
I walked for hours or so it seemed
soaked right through the rain still teemed
it had cleaned the streets then washed away
the night sky slowly turned to day
a more glorious dawn I’d never seen
I sat down and thought, of how I’d been
keen only to recognise my own despair
but from my reaction I know I care
how had seeing me affected you?
Some spark on which our love once grew
Few have known the love we had
my heart beat fast no longer sad
so up I stood from my lonely place
and all I could see was your lovely face
space around me, the air so pure
one day we’ll meet and that’s for sure
I’ll ask forgiveness for being mean
and tell you what a fool I’ve been.



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