Battle Badminton – Facebook integration

By  | April 1, 2014 | Filed under: Miscellaneous

A national badminton ladder is an excellent idea. Battle Badminton has some issues which put people off using it.

One problem is that it exists in its own world – you have to log in to BB to see what’s going on. I can tell from the “last seen” times of many of the users that most people have signed up and never come back.

To increase user engagement and accelerate adoption, BB should ask for permission to post Facebook updates on behalf of the user. It should make Facebook posts of behalf of the user when:

– the user registers. “Fred Smith has joined Battle Badminton.” Include a link to the user’s BB profile.

– the result of a battle played by the user is made official (when all players in the battle have approved the result). “Fred Smith has beaten Bob Jones in Battle Badminton, 21-13 24-22.” Include a link to the battle showing the participants, date, venue and result.

In order for the Facebook links to work, user profile pages and the result pages of completed battles would have to be visible publically, without logging in to BB.

Badminton players are Facebook friends with other badminton players. This will rapidly increase the spread of BB. It will make people care about BB. Think of all the stupid online games (Candy Crush, Farmville) that share post to their users’ timelines. If they can become successful this way then BB, which involves real people, exercise and competition, can too.

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