What I learnt today – 24th April

By  | April 24, 2014 | Filed under: Miscellaneous
  • When moving your Android development from one computer to another, the first time you try to deploy a debug APK to a device that has installed on it a debug APK from the previous computer, there will be anĀ INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES error. This is because the debug keystore is different on each computer. To solve this problem you can copy the debug keystore from the previous computer to the new, or just uninstall the app from the device and then deploy with the new debug keystore. One option that I considered was to use my release keystore for debugging but this is impractical because properties required of the debug keystore make it unsuitable for use in a release version.
  • Manchester United had arranged to buy Thiago Alcantara before David Moyes was appointed but Moyes put this on hold (and Thiago moved to Bayern Munich instead) because he wanted to make sure that the transfer fitted with his plans. I’m not an experienced football manager earning several million pounds but even I know that Man Utd started the season with just one creative central midfielder, Michael Carrick, and that having lost Paul Scholes he would have no one worth passing to. Surely it was obvious that Thiago would have fitted in perfectly.
  • That when my Macbook Pro froze a week ago and refused to respond to any input apart from the power button, this was not a one off. In other words, it happened again. Nicely, though, all of my running applications, even Vmware Fusion, seem to recover ok, and it helps that the machine boots really really fast.

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