What I learnt today – 29th April

By  | April 29, 2014 | Filed under: Miscellaneous
  • Every car has a label on it with a long code made up of letters and numbers. The first few characters of this code indicate the paint colour of the car. The labelĀ is in different places on different makes of car. Toyota’s is a metal plate under the bonnet. Audi and Volkswagen’s is a paper sticker, which new owners often remove, not realising its significance.
  • If your eye is twitching a lot recently then the cause may be lack of magnesium. Consume fewer energy drinks and coffee and eat more chocolate, bananas or magnesium supplements
  • The Macbook Pro has no Delete key (the opposite of backspace). To make up for this, press fn+Backspace to delete the character after the cursor and cmd+Backspace to delete the selected file.
  • It can be difficult to see properly when driving a convertible with the roof down in the sun, even wearing sunglasses. This is because the sun shines from above (yes, really) and there is no roof to stop it. This is why all the other convertible drivers are wearing hats with a front visor.

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