Who are these people following me on Twitter?

By  | April 8, 2014 | Filed under: Miscellaneous

You don’t know them. Why are they following you? Are they spam/fake accounts?

Well you tweet stuff. People see what you tweet and like it so they follow you.

Twitter is not really a social network. It’s not about friends. It’s about information streams. I follow people because I think I’ll like what they tweet. If they get boring (even friends) I unfollow.

You’re wondering how these people have found you and your tweets? Maybe they came up in search results. Maybe someone retweeted your tweets and they saw noticed them that way. Maybe they are spammers.

Once I paid £15 for 1000 followers as an experiment. They were all spam accounts. I lost all the followers within a week. Twitter killed all the spam accounts.

Some Twitter users follow you because they think you’ll “follow back” and they want more followers or more readers.

By default Twitter emails you when you get a new follower. So some users follow you because they think you’ll notice them. Maybe they’re a company that monitors Twitter for tweets containing certain words and your tweet came up. Perhaps they’re a golf shop and you mentioned “new club”.

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