Flying with BA versus Singapore

By  | May 12, 2014 | Filed under: Travel

Based on experience in last year of flying Singapore Airlines from Heathrow to Brisbane and British Airways from Heathrow to Los Angeles. Written during flight.

  • No hot towels.
  • Worse food, less tasty and not enough. Ran out of snacks by half way and there were just two small meals on ten hour flight. Other passengers said they were hungry. The first two crewmembers I asked said there was no extra food I could have, but the third offered me some of the staff fruit and found leftovers from the first meal for me.
  • No menu so have no idea what food to expect.
  • Prehistoric entertainment system – tiny screen, small choice.
  • No in seat power supply
  • Tap in sink more difficult to operate.
  • Entertainment controls are fixed to the arm of the chair and I keep pressing buttons by mistake.
  • The flight tracker on the entertainment system thinks our destination is Accra instead of Los Angeles so half the information is wrong. I bet some passengers haven’t worked this out and will set their clocks wrong.
  • On Singapore every crewmember knows that they have mint tea. On BA they deny it to economy class passengers (but it is available to higher classes) although one crewmember went to get some for me. (The head steward told me he shouldn’t have done this until late in the flight when it is clear that there’ll be enough.)
  • When I explained to the head steward how much food Singapore Airlines provide he said “we’re not Singapore”! Since when did the UK flag carrier decide not to compete on quality?

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