Problems with my stay at The Fairmont San Jose

By  | May 21, 2014 | Filed under: Travel

Obama visited three days before me and my taxi driver said it’s the best hotel in San Jose, so I was expecting it to be pretty fantastic. And the room cost $450 a night, plus taxes.

  • The alarm clock woke me at 1am. I hadn’t set it. This was extremely unwelcome after being awake for over 24 hours.
  • The bath had dirt in the plug hole. I didn’t use the bath and the same dirt was there every day.
  • There were four freestanding lamps in the room. Each had a differently designed switch. One took me five minutes to work out how to activate and another I could not use at all.
  • There was no main light in the room meaning that to properly illuminate it at night I had to walk around to turn on most of the freestanding lights.
  • There were tea bags but no kettle. The coffee maker took 20 minutes to boil water, which tasted of coffee. I had to speak to three hotel staff before getting a kettle.
  • Wifi was available at a price but every few web page loads results in a Fairmont-branded bar at the top of the page. The bar has a close button but clicking it reloaded the page at the start, which isn’t helpful if part way through an article or video.
  • An item called “IRD SVC CHRG 22%” was added to room service bills. A receptionist first said this was a tax and then that he didn’t know what it was for. He went to ask someone else, then said it was a compulsory gratuity. I said that a gratuity should be optional and I did not want to pay it since there was no warning before ordering and there was a separate charge of $5 for delivery. He said he would “take care of it”. I am sure that the hotel charges this knowing that almost no one will complain about it because for a typical guest it isn’t worth the time to do so.
  • The toilet paper was thin, worse than at almost any hotel I’ve stayed at.
  • The cord for the bathroom robes were not threaded. Each robe had two loops for holding the cord and one of these was broken on one of the robes.
  • The bath soap holder was bent badly out of position.
  • The toilet seat was very loose.
  • The carpet hadn’t been hoovered properly -there was still visible detritus from the previous occupant.
  • Several of the lampshades were crooked.
  • A sign in the bathroom said clearly that only towels left in the bath would be washed. Every time I returned to my room after cleaning I found all the towels I had used had been replaced with new ones hanging neatly on the rails, even though I never put any of them in the bath. So much for the environment.

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