What to do in Newport while your passport is being made

By  | May 7, 2014 | Filed under: Living in the UK

In Newport for the “premium” passport service. The premium service consists of an initial five minute appointment, followed by four hours of waiting for the passport to be made.

The passport office is on the outskirts of the city centre, next to a massive Asda. The Asda car park allows parking for up to three hours, so can be used for the initial appointment.

There is a passport photograph booth inside the passport office, so if I hadn’t brought a valid photo then I could have taken one while there.

My appointment was with a member of staff who checked my form briefly and approved my photographs. She didn’t check the form thoroughly enough to notice if, for example, my date of birth was wrong, but I think she’d have seen if I’d completed the wrong sections.

Newport has very limited parking and there doesn’t seem to be a nice town centre with wifi-equipped cafes. The security guard at the passport office told me not to bother with the town centre as it was mostly being demolished.

On the A46 at the edge of Newport there is a large shopping centre with a large free car park with no time limit. There is an enormous Tesco and many other shops including a Costa, which has free wifi.

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