Choosing Dropbox over Google for photo storage

By  | December 16, 2014 | Filed under: Uncategorized

I expect Google Drive would be cheaper but you’d be better off going with Dropbox for various non-price reasons:

– Google changes its consumer products over time – how they work, closing them down, renaming them etc. Dropbox’s entire product is cloud storage and syncing. They will always keep the fundamentals.
– Google’s product is you. You’re paying them a bit for storage but they’re not making money from you with that. They make money from charging other companies for access to you. Dropbox’s product is cloud storage and they make money from selling that to you. So Dropbox’s priorities are consistent with your priorities as far as your files go.
– Dropbox syncs your files on all your computers so even if Dropbox dies you should have a copy somewhere. The only way to get physical photos from Google is to use Google Takeout and download them all in a massive zip file. If your account breaks at Google (this sometimes happens to people) then it’s too late. (Last month I used Takeout to download all my old Picasa (see how they kill/change products?) photos from Google and put them on Dropbox instead.)
– Dropbox comes with 30 days of file history so if you delete something accidentally you can recover it. Google doesn’t.

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