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Christopher Alexander

Christopher Alexander

Planning to be homeless

November 12, 2011

This will be a series of articles thinking about how to survive without regular employment while travelling without a home.

My car buying checklist

September 3, 2011

When I buy a car, or help someone else do so, I always check everything on this list.

Wireless keyboard

September 1, 2011

So here I am sitting on the sofa and typing on my super new KeySonic wireless keyboard. It’s basically a laptop keyboard and touchpad in a very light and thin plastic case. It’s more comfortable to use than any keyboard I have used before. My shoulders aren’t hunched in an effort to raise my arms […]

Downloading films and TV programmes to DVD

August 31, 2011

Use uTorrent, or another BitTorrent client, to download what you want to watch. (It must be an AVI file encoded in Xvid or DivX.) Download VSO DivxToDVD from here and install it. Run it and select the AVI file as the Source File. Leave all other options unchanged and click Convert. (More comprehensive instructions for […]

How to set the page title and meta fields of WordPress posts

August 30, 2011

OK so I honestly don’t know if this is a feature of my theme or if this is a standard feature of WordPress itself but when I’m editing a post I can click Screen Options at the top right of the page and I get a list of options, including one called SEO. If I […]

Exercises for a sprained ankle

August 29, 2011

I’ve been given a variety of exercises to help my ankle recover from a sprain.

The advantages of spraining your ankle

August 7, 2011

Spraining your ankle means you can’t play sport. This is good because sport is pointless and dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. Spraining your ankle means you have more time for activities that do not require walking. These include worthwhile pursuits such as reading the whole Internet, sending silly emails and setting up […]

Visiting a doctor in the UK

August 5, 2011

Go here to find a doctor: I don’t remember what ID you need to take; I would take all ID cards and proof of home address and of where you work. I’m sure you don’t need all this but best to be safe. When you get there you’ll have to fill in a form […]

How to choose a laptop

August 4, 2011

If I were you then I would decide on budget and screen size and then go to and and the Dixons refurbished site and find all laptops that fit the following criteria: – Made by Asus or Toshiba – Your chosen screensize – Within your chosen budget – At least 2GB RAM – […]

Happy Russian air assault troops

August 3, 2011

Possibly the most bizarre spam email I’ve received. It doesn’t even have a link to click. Why are they happy? Is it the anniversary of their formation? Are they all drunk? Are they about to descend upon us from the skies? This is important.