Worcester sports centre news

January 29, 2015

Nunnery Wood, St John’s and Perdiswell are to be run by a single private company, to be chosen around August 2015 and start operating in first few months of 2016. (This will not be 1Life, the current Perdiswell operator.) Membership will thus cover all three sites. This could be awesome, assuming the new operator is […]

Twitter but for listening to music

December 14, 2014

I use Twitter as my almost-exclusive news source. I follow accounts that report what I find interesting. I want one of these but to find music for me. I don’t want to use the radio because I don’t like most of the music played on any given radio station. I want to curate for myself, in much […]

How to write well

July 30, 2014

I find writing boring if I’m writing to no one. However, for some reason I am extremely motivated when I am sharing my thoughts/knowledge/feelings with another person. For example, I am typing this as fast as I can, because I am writing to you. I have no writer’s block and I enjoy it more than […]

Notes from the Worcestershire Badminton Association 2014 AGM

June 9, 2014

County association has £27k in bank, which is the same as last year. This money is available for clubs to do coaching and work with juniors. Fixtures secretary, Margaret Hargreaves, resigning after 26 years. Replaced by a volunteer from West Mercia. BE representative: – New national professional televised league. Our local team is in Birmingham. […]

What I learnt today – 29th April

April 29, 2014

Every car has a label on it with a long code made up of letters and numbers. The first few characters of this code indicate the paint colour of the car. The label is in different places on different makes of car. Toyota’s is a metal plate under the bonnet. Audi and Volkswagen’s is a paper […]

What I learnt today – 25th April

April 26, 2014

The Gson library fails to serialise classes that are obfuscated by Proguard. This is the reason why my app works fine when built for debugging but crashes when built for release. Proguard can be configured not to obfuscate certain classes. The pain in my right arm is caused by ten days of clicking the touch […]

What I learnt today – 24th April

April 24, 2014

When moving your Android development from one computer to another, the first time you try to deploy a debug APK to a device that has installed on it a debug APK from the previous computer, there will be an INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES error. This is because the debug keystore is different on each computer. To solve this problem […]

Who are these people following me on Twitter?

April 8, 2014

You don’t know them. Why are they following you? Are they spam/fake accounts? Well you tweet stuff. People see what you tweet and like it so they follow you. Twitter is not really a social network. It’s not about friends. It’s about information streams. I follow people because I think I’ll like what they tweet. […]

Battle Badminton – Facebook integration

April 1, 2014

A national badminton ladder is an excellent idea. Battle Badminton has some issues which put people off using it. One problem is that it exists in its own world – you have to log in to BB to see what’s going on. I can tell from the “last seen” times of many of the users […]

Damp walls and ceilings in winter

January 2, 2014

In winter my windows are often wet, especially when I wake in the morning. The ceiling has brown and yellow patches from condensation. Sometimes the walls drip and occasionally water drips from beams. Or at least, all this used to happen. To solve this problem, I bought a dehumidifier. This removes the moisture from the […]