Problems with my stay at The Fairmont San Jose

May 21, 2014

Obama visited three days before me and my taxi driver said it’s the best hotel in San Jose, so I was expecting it to be pretty fantastic. And the room cost $450 a night, plus taxes. The alarm clock woke¬†me at 1am. I hadn’t set it. This was extremely unwelcome after being awake for over […]

Flying with BA versus Singapore

May 12, 2014

Based on experience in last year of flying Singapore Airlines from Heathrow to Brisbane and British Airways from Heathrow to Los Angeles. Written during flight. No hot towels. Worse food, less tasty and not enough. Ran out of snacks by half way and there were just two small meals on ten hour flight. Other passengers […]

Visiting Poland

April 3, 2014

The following contains comparisons to the UK. Q. Does everyone in Poland speak English? A. No. Many people under 30 do, but the middle aged women who man all the railway station ticket booths certainly don’t. Q. Do you know a quick way to learn a bit of Polish: A. Click here. “There is nothing […]

Password storage

November 12, 2011

Currently I store the details for all my bank and online accounts in hard copy. This must be made secure and portable. Is there a website that can store this data for me? What if I don’t have Internet access when I need it?