Choosing Dropbox over Google for photo storage

December 16, 2014

I expect Google Drive would be cheaper but you’d be better off going with Dropbox for various non-price reasons: – Google changes its consumer products over time – how they work, closing them down, renaming them etc. Dropbox’s entire product is cloud storage and syncing. They will always keep the fundamentals. – Google’s product is […]

How to pay off a Halifax Mastercard credit card

May 20, 2014

From your bank account (at any bank), make a payment with the following details: Sort code: 77-29-00 Account number: 00000000 Reference: 16 digit card number. With no spaces! Payee name doesn’t matter and can be used as a reference or left blank If sent via Faster Payments then it will take 24 hours to clear […]

Television with BBC iPlayer and YouTube

January 2, 2014

My mum wanted a new TV to replace her CRT television from 2000. I picked this 32 inch LG. I liked it because it is 1080p HD, has HD Freeview and is a good price. It also has wifi, which sounded interesting. On setting it up I found the wifi function to be very useful. […]

Wireless keyboard

September 1, 2011

So here I am sitting on the sofa and typing on my super new KeySonic wireless keyboard. It’s basically a laptop keyboard and touchpad in a very light and thin plastic case. It’s more comfortable to use than any keyboard I have used before. My shoulders aren’t hunched in an effort to raise my arms […]