Problems with my stay at The Fairmont San Jose

May 21, 2014

Obama visited three days before me and my taxi driver said it’s the best hotel in San Jose, so I was expecting it to be pretty fantastic. And the room cost $450 a night, plus taxes. The alarm clock woke me at 1am. I hadn’t set it. This was extremely unwelcome after being awake for over […]

How to pay off a Halifax Mastercard credit card

May 20, 2014

From your bank account (at any bank), make a payment with the following details: Sort code: 77-29-00 Account number: 00000000 Reference: 16 digit card number. With no spaces! Payee name doesn’t matter and can be used as a reference or left blank If sent via Faster Payments then it will take 24 hours to clear […]

Flying with BA versus Singapore

May 12, 2014

Based on experience in last year of flying Singapore Airlines from Heathrow to Brisbane and British Airways from Heathrow to Los Angeles. Written during flight. No hot towels. Worse food, less tasty and not enough. Ran out of snacks by half way and there were just two small meals on ten hour flight. Other passengers […]

Giffgaff APN settings for the Nexus 5

May 10, 2014

Go to: (System) Settings>Wireless & Networks (more. . .)>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names. Create new APN by pressing on the plus symbol with a circle. Enter the following information: Connection Name: giffgaff APN: Proxy: Not set Port: Not Set Username: giffgaff Password: password Server: MMSC: MMS proxy: MMS port: 8080 MCC: 234 […]

Phone number for Worcester High Street Post Office

May 8, 2014

This number is ex-directory. It took me ten minutes in the Post Office phone menu to get to speak to a person who could tell me it. +44190523608

What to do in Newport while your passport is being made

May 7, 2014

In Newport for the “premium” passport service. The premium service consists of an initial five minute appointment, followed by four hours of waiting for the passport to be made. The passport office is on the outskirts of the city centre, next to a massive Asda. The Asda car park allows parking for up to three […]

What I learnt today – 29th April

April 29, 2014

Every car has a label on it with a long code made up of letters and numbers. The first few characters of this code indicate the paint colour of the car. The label is in different places on different makes of car. Toyota’s is a metal plate under the bonnet. Audi and Volkswagen’s is a paper […]

What I learnt today – 25th April

April 26, 2014

The Gson library fails to serialise classes that are obfuscated by Proguard. This is the reason why my app works fine when built for debugging but crashes when built for release. Proguard can be configured not to obfuscate certain classes. The pain in my right arm is caused by ten days of clicking the touch […]

What I learnt today – 24th April

April 24, 2014

When moving your Android development from one computer to another, the first time you try to deploy a debug APK to a device that has installed on it a debug APK from the previous computer, there will be an INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES error. This is because the debug keystore is different on each computer. To solve this problem […]