Software I have used: XMLPad

May 1, 2013

For nested grid-based editing of XML documents.

Software I have used:

May 1, 2013

For ad hoc screen-sharing.

Websites that could support homelessness

November 12, 2011 Work free for food and housing all over the world. Stay on someone’s sofa for free anywhere. Get paid to ship goods while travelling. Do freelance work ¬†from anywhere. Accept credit card payments online.

Password storage

November 12, 2011

Currently I store the details for all my bank and online accounts in hard copy. This must be made secure and portable. Is there a website that can store this data for me? What if I don’t have Internet access when I need it?

Planning to be homeless

November 12, 2011

This will be a series of articles thinking about how to survive without regular employment while travelling without a home.

Pistol Cold

October 1, 2011

The pistol cold against my skin I pull the trigger, the bullet enters in. My head jerks back, a flash of light, then such peace, as black as night. Followed by a swirling mist, a coloured haze, which way to go, I’m in a maze, no need to worry, it’s all done for me, never […]

Holocaust Up Close

September 24, 2011

Standing in line in the cold of the dawn, their baby held close to his chest. He managed to stifle the start of a yawn, he wore only trousers and vest. In front … about of them stood two hundred or more, they slowly shuffled along. He was small and felt weak and his body […]


September 17, 2011

I came into the room and you were there and all I could do was stand and stare until you turned and looked at me I thought right then I’d never be free of the memories good and bad of the unique togetherness we always had I turned and walked away again went outside into […]

Don’t love her

September 11, 2011

Don’t love her ‘cos she’s beautiful or isn’t very fat, don’t love her ‘cos she’s nice to me, it isn’t ‘cos of that Don’t love her because she smiles a lot, or cuddles close in bed, don’t love her ‘cos she isn’t hard, she’s soft and warm instead. I love her ‘cos for however brief […]